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Yuzu Kosho 30g

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Yuzu Kosho 30g

Yuzu Kosho is a Japanese paste made from chilli peppers, yuzu peel and sea salt, then fermented. It has a clean, umami rich flavour. The bright green colour is from the green chilli and green yuzu picked from the Tokushima prefecture. Typically used to season Udon and miso soup, however, we highly recommend mixing it with some mayo for the ultimate salad dressing or dip. 

It has clean, umami rich flavours. The bright green colour is from the green chilli and green yuzu from Tokushima prefecture.

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Dressing or dip
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Prefecture: Gifu

Gifu is Japan's literal and figurative heart, with untouched traditional villages nestled in picturesque mountain ranges. Gifu Prefecture is steeped in history, and its significance shines through to this day. The pivotal battle that united the nation took place at  Sekigahara , and you can visit the battlefield today. Swordsmiths practice their craft in Seki, and traditional cormorant fishing is still alive along the Nagara River. The town of Takayama has gone mostly untouched by time, while the nearby villages of Shirakawa-go and  Gokayama  are one of the few places where thatched-roof houses remain in Japan. The dramatic mountains, pure rivers and snowy winters create a remarkably picturesque setting.

Hida beef is a famous specialty—which can be pricey, but is well worth it. Known for its tenderness, it is best served as a steak, but is also found grilled on skewers or added to hotpots. Head to a shabu- shabu restaurant for some good options.

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