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Japanese Yuzu Marmalade

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Japanese Yuzu Marmalade
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Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit with a flavour that is somewhere between Lemon and Mandarin with a less acidic, more delicate flavour. Naturally sweet, with no sugar thanks to a beetroot extract, making this super-food even more super! Don’t expect too much sweetness, this marmalade is more like an extremely fragrant lemon curd.

It adds incredible delicacy to elegant desserts like grilled peach meringue, but also works beautifully when paired with hard cheeses like a Pecorino Sardo or even on your morning toast (just don’t tell the Michelin-starred chefs who are also using it!).

Made using organic yuzu from Tokushima. The producer removes all imperfections and seeds. He naturally sweetens the product with beetroot instead of sugar to make the jam. The area the yuzu is picked is 300m above sea level, therefore there is a lot of rain and change in temperature, resulting in full-flavour yuzu! 

A fantastic cheese board accompaniment.


Things to know before you buy
Ingredients :Yuzu, Sugar from beet root Nutrition : Typical values as sold per 100ml. Energy 1556kj, 372kcal,Fat 0g, Of which saturate 0g, Carbohydrate 93g, Of which is Sugars 93g,Protein 0g, Salt 0g.
Additional Details
200g Jar
Serving Suggestion:
Cheese board, goat and blue cheeses
Tokushima region map

Prefecture: Tokushima

Many descend on Tokushima City every August for the large-scale Awa Odori dance festival, but the prefecture offers outdoor fun in every season.

Tokushima is most famous for the Awa Odori Festival, which brings hordes of tourists during the Obon holiday period in August. But the prefecture, located on the eastern corner of Shikoku, offers beautiful nature and outdoor thrills all year round. Try out white-water rafting in spring or surfing in summer. Enjoy locally brewed sake in the town of Awa Ikeda during cooler months, or trek part of the Shikoku Pilgrimage Route. Off the coast lie the Naruto whirlpools, best viewed from sightseeing cruises.

As buckwheat is the local crop rather than rice, soba is always sure bet. Sobagome zosui is a thick porridge/gratin-style dish made by boiling the soba seeds and won’t be found anywhere else in Japan.