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Tsuru Bishio Aged Soy Sauce by Yasuo Yamamoto

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Tsuru Bishio Aged Soy Sauce by Yasuo Yamamoto

In Shodoshima Island our producer has gained critical acclaim making his world famous soy sauces.

Coming from Shodoshima island in Shikoku, which is an island known for soy sauce and olive oil production. This soy sauce is aged in 150 year old timber barrels. This production style of soy sauce only makes up 1% of the whole soy production throughout Japan.

The salt percentage in this quality soy sauce is significantly lower than what you find in other soy sauce.

It’s rich umami flavour makes it perfect for dipping as well as cooking and marinating.

As seen on Netflix: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat 2018 series. 
See here when Vallebona met Yamamoto San.
Things to know before you buy
Ingredients : Miso Tamari (Soy Beans, Rice, Salt )(42.1%), Glutinous Starch Syrup(Rice, Sugar), Soy Sauce(Soy Beans, Wheat Flour)(4.54%), Colour (Plain Caramel), Additives(Xanthan Gum). Nutrition : Typical values as sold per100ml. Energy 460kj/110kcal, Fat 0g , Carbohydrate 17.4g, Protein 10.1g, Salt 14.1g.
  • Keep in dry / cool place.
Additional Details
Shodoshima Island
Serving Suggestion:
Cooking and dressings
Shodoshima Island region map

Prefecture: Shodoshima Island

Shodoshima (小豆島, Shōdoshima) is the second largest island in the Seto Inland Sea and one of the first islands born to the gods in the creation myth of Japan. The name literally means "small bean island", which technically refers to the azuki bean but today would more fittingly refer to the soy bean or olive as the island has traditionally been a producer of soy sauce and now is even better known for its olive plantations.

Shodoshima attracts visitors with its Mediterranean atmosphere, offering beaches, resorts, coastal sceneries and a mountainous interior with one of Japan's most celebrated gorges, the Kankakei Gorge.

Shodoshima serves as one of the venues for the Setouchi Triennale art festival. Some permanent art installations from past festivals, including several outdoor installations, can also be viewed outside of the festival periods. They are spread across the island, with most of them concentrated around the port towns along the southern coast.

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