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Miso & Nagara Gift Set

Miso & Nagara Gift Set

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Title: Miso & Nagara Gift Set in Washi Box

Embark on a culinary journey to the heart of Japan with our Miso & Nagara Gift Set, thoughtfully presented in a traditional Washi box. This set is a celebration of authentic Japanese flavors, perfect for food enthusiasts who love to explore diverse and rich culinary traditions.

1. Yellow Miso - One Packet: Directly sourced from Tokushima Prefecture, our yellow miso is a testament to the rich and savory flavors of Japanese cuisine. Its versatile nature allows it to be a star ingredient in various dishes, adding depth and umami to your culinary creations.
2. Seaweed Chutney: This unique seaweed chutney is a delightful fusion of traditional Japanese flavors. It pairs exceptionally well with cheese, adding an umami twist to your cheeseboard, or serves as a flavorful topping for rice, enhancing everyday meals with its rich taste.
3. Tamari Soy Sauce (Nagara) - One Bottle: Our bottle of Tamari soy sauce, produced in Nagara, is a premium condiment known for its bold flavor and slightly thicker consistency. It's an essential ingredient for adding a touch of authenticity to Japanese dishes.
4. Recipe Cards: To inspire your cooking adventures, we include a set of recipe cards. These cards offer easy-to-follow instructions and tips for using the miso, seaweed chutney, and tamari soy sauce in a variety of dishes, helping you to explore and enjoy traditional Japanese flavors at home.

- Washi Box: The entire set is elegantly encased in a Washi box, renowned for its beautiful design and durability. The Washi box not only protects the contents but also adds a touch of Japanese elegance and artistry, making this gift set an exceptional choice for any occasion.

The Miso & Nagara Gift Set in a Washi box is more than just a collection of ingredients; it's an invitation to experience and savor the authentic tastes of Japan. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a curious foodie, this set will bring the essence of Japanese cooking into your kitchen.

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