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Aged Moromi Tofu

Aged Moromi Tofu

Near the city of Kanazawa in the remote Ishikawa Peninsula, our aged moromi tofu is created by combing two specialist, artisanal products. Our producer, a soy sauce maker, uses his friend’s traditionally made tofu to create this incredibly unique product.

He uses moromi miso, the top layer residue of the soy sauce ferment, as a marinade for the tofu. It is then pressed and fermented over 3 months.

During fermentation, the flavours evolve and the proteins are significantly broken down, giving the tofu a creamy texture - similar to dulce de leche.

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Prefecture: Ishikawa

Located on Honshu’s northern coast between the Sea of Japan and the cluster of peaks surrounding Mt. Hakusan, Ishikawa offers sublime ocean views and stunning mountain vistas. Once ruled by the wealthy Kaga clan, the area became a thriving center for Japanese fine arts, including ceramics and lacquerware in the 17th century, and it remains one of the country’s most important artistic hubs. Today, traditional Japanese crafts coexist with the ultra-modern 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art. For a taste of Japan as it once was, stroll through the historical center of Kanazawa or relax in the hot springs of  Kaga Onsen .

A speciality from the Noto area of the prefecture, Ishiru hotpot is made with a local fish-based soy sauce refined over generations.

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