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Aperitivo Spriz Gift Set

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Aperitivo Spriz Gift Set

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant Italian aperitivo culture with our Aperitivo Spritz Gift Set, elegantly presented in a traditional Washi box. This set is a celebration of the iconic Italian pre-dinner ritual, ideal for those who savor the joy of relaxed socializing and fine drinking.

1. Aperitivo - One Bottle: Sourced from a small distillery in Torino, our exclusive Aperitivo is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship. Finished in barrels, it offers a complex flavor profile that captures the essence of the classic Italian spritz.
2. Prosecco Asolo - One Bottle: Complementing the Aperitivo, we include a bottle of premium Prosecco from Asolo. This sparkling wine is known for its light, bubbly character, making it the perfect mixer for creating an authentic Aperitivo Spritz.
3. Dried Orange Slices - One Packet: No spritz is complete without the citrusy charm of orange. Our packet of dried orange slices serves as the ideal garnish, adding a delightful zest and enhancing the overall flavor of the cocktail.
4. Smoked Almonds - One Packet: To complete the aperitivo experience, enjoy our smoked almonds. Their rich, smoky flavor and crunchy texture pair wonderfully with the spritz, making them an essential part of this classic Italian ritual.

- Washi Box: The gift set is housed in a beautifully crafted Washi box, a symbol of refined elegance and artistic expression. The traditional Japanese craftsmanship of the box adds an extra layer of sophistication and makes this set a perfect gift for any special occasion.

Our Aperitivo Spritz Gift Set in a Washi box is not just about enjoying a cocktail; it's about embracing a lifestyle. It's an invitation to experience the leisurely pleasure of Italian evenings and the joy of sharing good drinks with friends and family.

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