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Cenetta - Grazing Box

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Cenetta - Grazing Box
Ingredients supplied to London's Michelin-starred restaurants exclusively imported

The Cenetta box (coming from the Italian word for dinner) combines traditional Italian antipasti elements with that of a more substantive meal. With the lighter elements in the hamper such as the Sardinian music paper bread and fig marmalade, the Tuscan Sausage pasta provides the hamper with a heavier element that is sure to leave your guests feeling full. By following Vallebona's home recipe in 15 minutes you will have a truly authentic Italian pasta recipe.

Be sure to pick up a lovely bottle of Italian red (we recommend either a Chianti or Barolo as both bring the necessary acidity and tannins to the party) to get the best out of your hamper.
Our boxes are freshly prepared and stay in perfect condition for at least 15 days!


Your Cenetta includes:

Antipasto: Artichoke In Oil 280g, Music Paper Bread 400g, and Crema di Pecorino 200g.
Charcuterie: Prosciutto Toscano 200g, Salsiccia Sarda approx. 400g.

Ingredients to make a pasta: Fregola Sarda Pasta 500g, Lemon Oil 30ml, Fresh Tuscan Sausages 400g, Pecorino Sardo 200g, and recipe.
Cheese: Gorgonzola Dolce DOP 200g, Fontina 200g and Fig Marmalade 250g.

NB: The pasta will take approx. 15 mins of cooking time and will require additional ingredients as laid out in the recipe. 

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