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Yoshiko Wada, Japanese fusion chef, Demonstration, (20/06/14)

By Tom Rogers

A foodies heaven! 

Chef Yoshiko Wada the private catering cook and entrepreneur from Ritsuko & Co joined us on Friday to give the crowd a tasting of her exciting and unusual dishes. Using a combination of Vallebona products such as bottarga and truffle salt she fused the Japanese and Italian worlds of food together.

Yoshiko who started out in the UK as a make-up specialist decided to follow her mothers words and try her hand at cooking, thankfully for us as she has a real flair!

The menu was like nothing we have had yet and everyone enjoyed seconds thirds and even fourths!!

  • Hassun- Roasted beetroot ravioli filled with snow crab meat, yuzu & wasabi mayo.

  • Gyu-tataki- Beef fillet tataki served with fried garlic, spring onion and ginger ponzu.


  • Saikyouyaki Maki Sushi- Rolled sushi with grilled black cod, shiso and pickled ginger.


  • Yosedako- Tender cooked octopus served with salad leaves and yuzukohou dressing.


  • Spicy tuna tartar- Served on crispy rice cake with shiso & chives.


  • Hirame & bottarga- Halibut sashimi served with bottarga, lardo, radish and mascarpone & anchovies sauce.

  • Mixed Japanese mushrooms tempura- Served with truffle salt

  • Wagyu beef scotch egg- Served with teriyaki plum sauce.


With 40 guests, plenty of wine and a lot of food what could be better. We can't thank Yoshiko and her team enough for such an amazing night! We hope everyone else had a great time and that we can do something again soon with Yoshiko!



If you would like to book Yoshiko for a private event in your home or elsewhere you can contact her at: