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Vallebona Gift Services

Generosity is something that comes naturally in both Italian and Japanese cultures. Just come and meet Stefano and Naoko! We can help you choose and design the perfect gift for any occasion; from personal gifts for friends and family to corporate gifts thanking team members and clients. Surprise and delight, from wine and cheese, to our speciality pastas and sauce. We stock delicious, authentic Italian and Japanese ingredients, that look beautiful and taste delicious. Our speciality is Vallebona panettone, beautifully presented in a Vallebona box and decorated with a hand-dyed pompom.

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of gifting and presenting, we deliver a high-quality service where each present is finished by hand with care and consideration. We can include company branding and personal messaging as part of the final presentation.

Gift boxes contain the same Vallebona products sourced by Michelin-starred chefs and 5-star hotels across London. We are the sole UK supplier of these ingredients, so you can be confident knowing that your gift is one-of-a-kind.

Gifting highlights:

  • Next day delivery to UK addresses
  • International delivery available
  • High-quality, eco-friendly packaging
  • Hand-picked range of ingredients
  • Prepared and packed by our team of experts at Vallebona HQ
  • Unique and unusual items
  • Michelin star quality products


Let us know your requirements and we will plan the perfect gift for your clients.


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