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Fusillo con Tuna, Lemon & Capperi

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Fusillo con Tuna, Lemon & Capperi
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1. Cook 75 of fusilli per person in a large pot of generously-salted water until al dente, then drain but put aside two cups of the cooking water.
2. Heat a large skillet over a medium heat, add the tuna with its oil and half a finely chopped garlic glove per person, then stir for about five minutes, until the garlic is golden.
3. Now stir in a teaspoon of capers per person, pepper and a cup of the pasta water; bring to a simmer.
4. Toss in the pasta, stir and simmer until the liquid is reduced to a sauce that evenly coats the pasta.
5. Remove from heat and add juice and zest from one lemon per two people, oil, pepper.
6. Add a few tablespoons of pasta water at a time until the pasta is evenly coated, then serve sprinkled with more pepper
Contents for 2: 500g fusillo pasta, 200g tuna fillets, 100g pecorino Romano, 90g Pantelleria capers and your recipe card.

Contents for 4: We will send an extra 100g of pecorino Romano.

Contents for 6: We will send an extra 200g of pecorino Romano.

You’ll need: Chopped parsley, 1-3 lemons, 1-3 garlic cloves, extra virgin olive oil, salt and cracked black pepper.

Time: 15 minutes.

Wine: We recommend Mandrarossa’s Urra Di Mare Sauvignon from Sicily

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