Your guide to the ultimate picnic picks

Posted by on 20th Jun 2017

“Cheese and charcuterie is the ultimate picnic spread. With little preparation and easy to package it is perfect for a spot of al fresco dining.

It’s what us Italian’s do best”

The cheese;
Goronzola Dolce; This soft cheese is ideal for the warm weather as it oozes with delicious flavour and softens in the sun. Most hard cheeses will turn oily. Served best with music paper as it’s easy to spread.

The meat;
Any cured meat is ideal for a nibble, and no preparation needed. Dress with rocket and olive oil to create a salad option, or in a sandwich with some sundried tomatoes.

The essential;
Music Paper bread. Goes with absolutely everything. It’s really light, so doesn’t fill you up like other carby options, and it’s delicious!

The accompaniment;
Lemon marmalade; Made with Sardinian figs, apples and lemons this intensely fruity spread is perfect with tangy cheeses and a bread basket. No need to bring fresh fruit!

The treat;
Traditional Italian soft mixed berry nougat. Sweet, fresh tasting, keeps well, transportable and is just heavenly!

Stefano’s serving tip; Average 200gms of cheese and charcuterie person, and enjoy with a glass of A Mano Rose.  

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