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Artisan Japanese Green Tea

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Artisan Japanese Green Tea
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Ingredients supplied to London's Michelin-starred restaurants exclusively imported

The first cup of Japanese tea is often said to be about aroma, while the second about flavour. With Deep-steamed Tea, the tea is steamed for 2-3 times longer than usual to produce a single cup with a rich aroma and taste all at once.
Nabeshimameicha is a historic tea purveyor that has spanned five generations and offers a unique aroma, flavour, and cloudy brew in its tea. As specialty purveyors of Deep-steamed Tea, our products have been beloved for over 100 years.
We offer three types of delicious tea, from our rare, high-grade of single-strain tea, to various proprietary blends that have been favourites of our clients over the generations.

Brown Rice Green Tea with Matcha: The use of small-grained brown rice produces a tea that is more aromatic than it is sweet. The producer pays particular attention to preserving the delicate balance between the aroma of brown rice and the flavour of the tea. The leaves are carefully picked from 3 tea production areas (Gifu, Kagoshima, Shizuoka) and the Matcha originates from Uji, Kyoto.

Roasted Tea with Yuzu: This green tea is a medium roast to ensure that it has not been burnt by hot air and therefore, has a characteristically weak astringency. The strong aroma is created by the most famous Japanese Lemon - Yuzu - making this tea less bitter and more balanced. 

Shirakawa Green Tea: These tea leaves come from Shirakawa Town in Gifu Prefecture, where the temperature differences between daytime and night time make a clear impact on taste. The Shirakawa tea is slightly bitter but has good balance of sweet and umami tastes. 

Things to know before you buy
  • Brown Rice Green Tea with Matcha: Tea Leaf, Brown Rice
  • Roasted Tea with Yuzu: Tea Leaf, Yuzu Peel
  • Shirakawa Green Tea: Tea Leaf
Additional Details
Size of Brown Rice Green tea with Matcha:
Size of Roasted Tea with Yuzu:
Size of Shirakawa Green Tea:
Gifu region map

Prefecture: Gifu

Gifu is Japan's literal and figurative heart, with untouched traditional villages nestled in picturesque mountain ranges. Gifu Prefecture is steeped in history, and its significance shines through to this day. The pivotal battle that united the nation took place at  Sekigahara , and you can visit the battlefield today. Swordsmiths practice their craft in Seki, and traditional cormorant fishing is still alive along the Nagara River. The town of Takayama has gone mostly untouched by time, while the nearby villages of Shirakawa-go and  Gokayama  are one of the few places where thatched-roof houses remain in Japan. The dramatic mountains, pure rivers and snowy winters create a remarkably picturesque setting.

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